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Bred by Barbara Downing

4-H Projects
Boo Boo Bunnies & First Aid Kit

Boo Boo bunnies are made out of a wash cloth. They hold an ice cube as a cold pack for an injury .

You'll need: Washcloth. Rubber band, Ribbon, Wiggle eyes, Small pom-pom, Glue, needle and thread.

Instructions: 1. Fold washcloth in half to form triangle. 2. Roll washcloth from small point to long side. 3. Fold tubular rolled washcloth in half. 4. Fold washcloth in half again. 5. Fold loose ends back towards fold. 6. Place rubberband around washcloth 2 inches from fold. 7. Cover rubberband with ribbon. 8. Glue eyes and pom-pom (nose) on to bunny. 8. Stitch along lower side to form a pocket in which to place an ice cube.

Click here for a PDF version from Michigan State University

Assemble a first aid kit for the rabbits. Suggested supplies: small spray bottle of Vanodine , sanitary wipes, nail clippers, scissors, Terramycin Eye Ointment, Piperazine Dewormer, Quick Stop (aid to stop bleeding caused by nail clipping), papaya tablets, bandages, gauze.
For a good list of online suppliers, go to New York Rabbit & Cavy Breeder's links page.