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4-H Projects
Rabbit ID Boards

This is the id board with the answer sheet slid to right to hide the answers. This is a very old board and does not show the laminated labels placed below each hole on the cover sheet. We inserted our labels in slots instead on this older version. Velcro works better.
This shows the answer sheet slid to the left, revealing the answers. In the upper left corner, attach a small match stick box. Store your laminated labels in the box and put your name on it. (P.S. This old board was missing it's box)

This is a nice learning tool. The kids place the laminated labels next to each part of the rabbit using velcro to stick them to the board. Then the answer sheet is slid in place to reveal the correct answers.

Click on these links for FORM Guide Sheet and Rabbit Pattern Crayons. Sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 white paper. Bottle of PLAID MOD PODGE gloss-Lustre sealer. Razor blade or scissors to cut holes in cover sheet. Packet of Avery White Mailing Labels #8160 (1" x 2 5/8"). There are 750 labels in a package. Velcro circle dots - 12 dots needed per board. Sheet of smooth wood panelling or white board (to cut the backboards from). Sheets of both white and black poster board for cover sheet and answer sheet. Black electrical tape.
For a visual look at some of the supplies CLICK HERE.

Set Up:
1) For each board, make two sets of labels. One set mailing and one laminated. Each set consists of 12 labels for each of these 12 parts: NECK, BACK, EAR, EYE, DEWLAP, CHEST, DEWCLAW, FLANK, HOCK, LOIN, STIFLE, TAIL.

Set up Microsoft Word to print out Avery #8160 mailing labels. I fill an entire sheet (30 labels) with one type of label (NECK for example). You will need extras for mistakes. Print each type of label in a different color. Cut out these labels and divide - one set 12 labels per board.

The second set of labels are laminated. Print out these labels on plain white paper. Take to store and laminate each sheet. Cut up these labels and divide - one set 12 labels per board.

2) Cut out back-boards from a piece of smooth panelling or white board - each board is size 17 1/2" x 12 ".
3) Cut out cover sheets from poster board - each cover is size 17 1/2 " x 12 "
4) Cut out answer sheets from black poster board - each answer sheet is size 20" x 12 "
5) Give each child 12 Velcro circle dots (sets) per board.

Steps for assembling:
a. Trace picture of rabbit (use Rabbit Pattern) onto a piece of white paper. Color and then coat with Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre to seal it. Let dry and cut out the rabbit. Glue onto white poster board cover sheet. See Form Guide Sheet for sample of where to place the rabbit.

b. Next place the laminated labels around the rabbit. Trace these and cut holes out where each label will show through from the answer sheet below it. (Note: to save time I cut the holes out myself on each cover using the Form Guide. It was a long and tedious job to cut these holes. Use a sharp razor blade or scissors.)

c. Once the rabbit is glued in place, and the holes for the answers cut, place one side of the velcro dot below each answer. On the back of your laminated labels attach the other side of the velcro dot. Draw a line from the part of the rabbit to each velcro dot. See Form Guide for sample. Your cover sheet is now ready.

d. Place the answer sheet below the cover sheet aligning to the right. Trace each cut hole from the cover sheet onto the answer sheet below. Remove cover sheet and your answer sheet will now show you where to position each of the mailing labels. Stick the MAILING LABELS onto the answer sheet using the Form Guide for placing the labels.

e. Tape the cover sheet to back-board. Tape only the top and bottom sides (use the black electrical tape). Leave left and right seams open to slide your answer sheet in between.

Now play the game - - Hide the answers by sliding your answer sheet to the right side. Stick the laminated labels below the holes to identify the parts of the rabbit. Once you have labeled all the parts, slide your answer sheet to the left to reveal the correct answers. How many did you get right? Good job!