~ Quality Orange & Fawn Netherland Dwarfs ~
Bred by Barbara Downing

4-H Projects

Our club was named the "Funny Bunnies 4H Rabbit Club". So we made funny bunny puppets. Each had a home that was a hanger to display the puppet. I used plant hangers purchased at the Dollar Store. I used empty coffee cans as the base and filled with cement; inserting the hanger before the cement dried. The cans were spray painted. Then the kids decorated the "home" anyway they liked. Each had their own theme and a name plate hung from the hanger with their puppet's name. The creativity was outstanding! Unfortunately I do not have a formal pattern for the puppet. It was basically two round circles cut for head and body and stuffed. And the feet were oblong and stuffed with a tuna can weighted down with washers. Read more below. . .

a. Here is "Little Miss Sunshine" on her hanger. This was Morgan's puppet.

The head was two round circles cut out of fur and sewn together and stuffed. We glued on the eyes. The nose was cut out of felt and glued on.

We suspended the puppet with fish line up to a cross made out of sticks for a marrionette affect. The body was clothed by taking one small pair of infant pants and tightening the waste band around the neck of the puppet. A tail was added to the back. The front paws were just two short pieces sewn together, turned out and attached to the front of the pants.

b. Here is "Snow Flake" on her hanger. My own puppet with snow shoes!

The neck was a long strip (about 1/2 foot) of fur sewn together, and attached to another round circle of stuffed fur for the body. I used a very large bowl to trace the circles. The ears had felt lining. Some of us "tattoed" the ear by sewing a name on the liner before it was assembled.

The feet were smaller circles but extended to be more oblong shape. We used a tuna can with some washer set in the bottom to give weight to the feet. The feet were attached to the body with strips of fur sewn together and turned inside out.