is working with this core group of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.
The title of GRAND CHAMPION is only given to animals who have officially been registered with ARBA as such. In order to receive a GRAND CHAMPION certificate, an animal must have won at least 3 legs at an ARBA sanctioned show. A leg is won when the rabbit places first in a class of at least five rabbits with three exhibitors showing.

1) Dow's R6 - Black from Ted's Levi (501) x LRH's True Blue (17 legs including 4BOB's and 1 BOS) (now Deceased )
2) Critteranch's SAM - Chocolate from Dow's R6 x BC's X2 (ALBA) Chocolate Otter (3 legs including BOV 2009 ANDRC Nationals)(SOLD)
3) Dow's Ba-Be (B) - Broken buck from CT's Thumper x Bond's Funny Face 34 legs including multiple BOB and BOS.
5) Bunny Luv's Huey - Otter Sr. Buck out of R6 x MD13 Chestnut. 4 legs with 2 BOB's (SOLD)
6) Garrett's Blue Girl - Blue Doe purchased from Garrett at 2009 Spring Nationals. (SOLD)
7) Mel's Belle' Elton John - Lilac Buck from Sydney McDaniel out of Montanna. Lovely potential!
8) Dow's Caliper - Otter Buck born 7/9/11 - out of my Chestnut Doe "Mammoth" and Bond's Chestnut buck

Mel's Belle's "Elton John"
Lilac Buck purchased 2011 ARBA Conv.
Thank you Sydney McDaniel for this buck!

Dow's "Caliper". Otter Buck born July 2011
I can't thank the Bond's enough for lending me their buck that allowed me to produce this guy. He has the most amazing bone just like his sire. Thank you! Thank you!

Dow's Caliper

My Black Buck R6 - 10 GC Legs and 7th place Sr. Black Buck 2009 ANDRC Nationals.

"SAM" - son of R6 black buck. 1st place chocolate buck 2009 ANDRC Nationals.

Blue Diamond's Magnitude. "Mag"was in my barn for a year or so and went back to his owner Elaine Lewis. Sadly "Mag" passed away this year.

Dow's Choc-Star. 5 month old doe out of R6.

Dow's Ba-Be. Broken Buck - 34 legs

Blue Diamond's "Mag" - Sr. Buck

This is Morgan's buck "Huey". 4 legs with 2 BOB's

Garrett's Blue Girl - Sr. Doe

Big John's Shaundi - Thank you John Frampton!!