Netherland Dwarfs for sale
I will be attending ARBA Convention 2013 in Harrisburg P.A.

1) Dow's #54 BEW Jr. Doe (Brood)
Born: 6/17/13
Weight: 2.02 lbs. Ear: 2 1/2"
Sire: Dow's TL1 BEW buck (7 legs)
Dam: Dw's #25 BEW doe
Young promising heavy boned brood Doe

2) Dow's 4I - BEW Doe
Born: 6/12/12
Weight: 2.06 Ear: 2 1/4"
Sire: Dow's GL BEW Buck (11 legs)
Dam: Blue Diamond's B79 (1 leg)
I've been showing this doe. Probably be bred now. $75

3) Dow's Cinder - Sr. Black Buck
Born: 12/1/12
Weight: 3.03 lbs. Ear: 2 1/2"
Sire: Dow's Caliper (Bond's, Darkside, Dreamcatchers)
Dam: Dow's Choc-Star (BC, LRH, Deluca)
A beautiful breeding buck with great balance and bone. $50

4) Dow's FB - Sr. Fawn Doe
Born: 4/22/13
Weight: 1.12 lbs. Ear: 2"
Sire: Dow's 3B (2 legs)
Dam: Dow's 7F - Orangina


5) Dow's "O" - orange brood doe
Born 7/29/13
Weight: 1.12 lbs. Ear: 2 1/4"
Sire: Dow's Fools Gold (FB)
Dam: Dow's 8B
Young brood doe. Great color and will have a nice body.

$50 This one is sold but I have a number of Orange brood does like this available for sale.

5) Otter Netherland Dwarf . He is showable with a pedigree. Born 5/5/13
Out of Bond's, Darkside and Dramcatcher on sire's side and Big John's, Olar and I-Fly on Dam's side.

This little guy pictured was sold but I have his sibling also for sale.