SnowShoeBunnies Rabbitry
Orange & Fawn Netherland Dwarfs
Juniors born Summer 2007 ~ bred by Barbara Downing

This was a doe that I saved from Eclampsia (milk fevor). I found her froze up with muscle spasms and locked jaw when I went to feed one night in mid-July. I crushed 1 tablet of Chelated CAL-MAG (1000 mg calcium, 500 mg magnesium, 10 mg Betaine HCI, 150 mg L-glutamic acid) into 3 TBLS. baby food carrots. I forced this into her mouth and carefully washed it down her throat over a two hour period. Six hours later she was normal in all respects. No more spasms and moving about the cage once again. I followed up with another dose of the same mixture. She is fine and raising her litter without trouble..

A fawn and orange at the awkward age when their ears seem like they will never stop growing. Dwarfs go through a period when they do not look balanced, but they grow into the ears eventually. You learn to recognize slight variations at a young age and peg the ones that will be good show prospects.

A beautiful litter of two tan pattern jrs. Left is an otter doe, and right is a sable marten buck.