~ Quality Orange, Fawn & BEW Netherland Dwarfs ~
Bred by Barbara Downing

~ Purchasing my rabbits ~

Most stock sold is for show or breeding purposes. I have very few pet quality rabbits out of my show litters but when available they are posted to my website too. In recent years I have kept a small amount of fancy breeds for display at the NY State Fair. This includes Lionheads and Velveteen Lops. I also raise a few Flemish Giants and actively show this breed since Wichita ARBA Convention in 2012. I may have stock available in these other breeds on occasion.

I do not hold sold animals and I do not keep a waiting list. It is too difficult to anticipate what future breedings will bring. Please check my website first and if a large show is approaching you may want to email me to see if I will be bringing some sale animals.

Pets ranges from $20 to $40. Pedigreed show stock is usually $60 - $100. Prices for ARBA convention and ANDRC Nationals range from $75 to $150.

At times I may raise or lower prices depending on circumstances. Consider that Netherland Dwarfs only have 2 or 3 in a litter, this is a difficult breed to raise. And chances for a show quality rabbits are further diminished when working with the dwarfing gene.

~ Rabbit Feed ~

I have used Buckey Rabbit Feed for years and highly recommend it. It is manufactured out of Ohio but may be difficult to find in upstate New York. I currently use Blue Seal - 16% protein formula. I also feed hay occasionally. If you purchase a rabbit from me, I will give you a small bag of feed to mix with your own.

I do not feed greens or fruits of any kind and do not recommend this for Netherland Dwarf rabbits or rabbits of any age. I personally feed pellets and hay only.